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Customer Review of the 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail Fat Bob

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Written by guest blogger Alberto Vergara of Bilis Motorcycle Apparel & Bike Life Vancouver

Last week I dropped off my Breakout at Trev Deeley Motorcycles and they let me take this 2018 Fat Bob home for a couple of days.

I'm attempting my first blog review in a week on the new 2019 H-D FXDR and I cannot wait. Since I haven't written any blog reviews ever, and having this little monster at home, I thought why not do a "practice" review.

I live very close from Trev Deeley and when I got home with this bike, I quickly realized the several traffic infractions I've done in a very short period of time. There is such a feeling of ease riding this new Fat Bob it is very easy to get in trouble, and forget that there are traffic rules that exist. The bike is so light and agile that I've never done sot much lane splitting compared to that day.

The initial moments I was on this bike I quickly knew the fun we were going to have. Riding around the city I don't think I hit past 3rd gear. I swear I've had to remind myself to calm down and not get pulled over.

I remember being confused when the whole iconic Dyna line was discontinued, while many others even being outraged. I can't say I understand it now, but I have a little grasp now of where they're going with their new models, specifically with this new Softail Fat Bob.

Owning a 2015 Fat Bob I cannot help but compare the two. Sitting side by side there really isn't anything similar between the two. So I wonder still why the Fat Bob name was carried over.


Initially I didn't appreciate the unusual (to me) upright posture this bike makes me feel. I then quickly thought that this must be done on purpose to force its' rider to feel alert and be on top of the bike. I would simply not be able to just "cruise" in this motorcycle.

 At this point in my riding life I am all about the low and stretch life. But this new Fat Bob was such a fun bike to ride that it brought memories of how I rode around at a younger age. If I was younger and looking for my first or second Harley, I would be all over this bike.