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About Us

Photo taken on May 8, 2017 at Jericho Beach. 

Photo taken on May 7, 2017 at Jericho Beach.

It all began in the spring of 2017, when several of us decided to meet for a ride. Some of us had known one another for years; others were meeting for the first time.  

We met often after, riding almost everyday in and around the city of Vancouver.

As the rides grew larger, our bonds grew stronger; there was an undeniable passion for motorcycles between us. 

As time went by we eventually began hosting our own group rides, and throwing our own events. Instinctively we made sure that anyone that came felt that they belonged. Whatever age, race or bike, EVERYONE WAS WELCOME. 

Bilis Motorcycle Apparel shortly was born. It provided an extension for the overwhelming obsession we have for motorcycles. Humbly we thought perhaps we could break down barriers and destroy old biker stereo types. 

As a clothing line, Bilis will maintain high-quality in both product and design.

As part of the community, Bilis will continue to be a welcoming influence as we continue to pursue our goal towards building a positive culture in the local motorcycle scene.

The 2018 season was capped off in late August, with our third and final installment of Vancouver Bike Nights with over 300 motorcycles in attendance. Photos taken by Randy Friesen.